Parish of the Hills

Called to make disciples of all!


DUE TO THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC, until further notice, we will be suspending WEDNESDAY LENTEN services AND SUNDAY morning services at all three PARISH OF THE HILLS United Methodist Churches which include Bethel UMC, First UMC in Mineral Point and Linden UMC at least until Palm Sunday APRIL 5TH.

WELCOME from Pastor Marilyn Brewer

Our Parish is comprised of 3 churches – Bethel United Methodist (rural Mineral Point), Linden United Methodist (Linden), and First United Methodist (Mineral Point). We welcome you to worship with us!



Dear Ones,  In just a week our lives have been turned upside down. Our numbers were low last week but we were in our churches, singing hymns, praying, listening to the scriptures and message. Now we are going to be at home on Sunday.  We are certainly living in uncertain times with this global pandemic . It has the power to effect all of us individually.  Our health is fragile and can be taken from us suddenly.  I’m trying to recall if I can remember a time in my life when our country has gone through a time such as this. WWII or Bay of Pigs come to mind. 
For me, this is pushing me to the limits.  I know how to prepare for Sunday morning worship: putting together the bulletin, studying the scriptures, meditating on the word, delivering a message in which I try to reflect God’s hope. But this is all new territory to me.  I am now struggling to learn a new set of skills to set up all that is going to be needed to prepare for ministry in an internet-only world. I am grateful to those who are helping me figure out what is needed in this new world. Marcia has been of great assistance expanding our email listing. Ross Pollack is exploring communication options including Facebook. Our website, will also continue to provide information. 

We are left with the uncertainty of how are we going to be God’s people together? While this is all new to us, this is not uncharted territory to our God. God has been leading His people through their wildernesses from generation after generation. 

It is our task to find a sense of Unity in the midst of this new isolation. What I know is that crisis brings out the Best in us. I know that the Holy Spirit works through us to transform our lives and the lives of others.  I don’t know what the future holds but I do know that the future is in God’s hands and we can take comfort in that.

Next week I expect I will be a little closer to knowing how to provide a sacred space for the people of Parish of the Hills.  Until then please pray for your parish and your pastor. We are called to be the People of God in Christ.  I pray we may begin to see what that looks like.

May God Surround You With God’s Love,
Pastor Marilyn




Pastor Angie at Darlington UMC has invited me to participate with her on YouTube (a popular video-sharing platform). This will be a good way for me to learn more about an internet ministry. I’ll let you know more as progress is made.
Starting in touch and keeping you informed,
May God Surround You in His Love,
Pastor Marilyn



As of November 2019, at least four groups had submitted proposals addressing the denomination’s future.  In alphabetical order, these include: “New Denominations of United Methodism (The Indianapolis Plan)”, “New Expressions Worldwide”, “Next Generation UMC”, and “Protocol of Reconciliation & Grace Through Separation”.  As stated in UM News: “Delegates will look at several proposals that split the church along traditional, progressive and centrist lines, with differing policies on LGBTQ clergy and same-sex marriage.” This, and other topics, will be addressed at General Conference, now rescheduled from May 2020 to a new date (TBD) in 2021.

On-Line Resources:

For more information on What’s Happening in the UMC, click on any of the following links and websites:

Comparison of Proposals


ROAD TRIP to SAINT LUKE’S United Methodist – Dubuque

On Valentine’s Day 2020, Pastor Marilyn drove a van of Parish of Hills UMC members to Saint Lukes United Methodist Church in Dubuque.  Each of the three churches – First, Linden, and Bethel – were represented with participants.  A tour, concert, and bell tower climb were included followed by lunch at Caroline’s. It was a cold day, but a heart warming experience.

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Pastor Marilyn and husband Dick at Saint Luke’s UMC


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Stained Glass Window at St Luke’s UMC – Dubuque


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Lunch at Caroline’s for the Parish of the Hills tour group