Parish of the Hills

Called to make disciples of all!

The current plan is to open all three churches on June 21st. Covid-19 guidelines will be implemented and followed.

Things that may impact your decision when Considering In-person Worship:

  • If you are older than 65
  • If you have an illness for which you see a physician at least once per year:
    • Lung disease
    • Heart conditions
    • Immunocompromise (this includes prior organ transplant or cancer treatment, or are taking steroids)
    • Severe obesity
    • Diabetes
    • Kidney dialysis
    • Liver disease


WELCOME from Pastor Marilyn Brewer

Our Parish is comprised of 3 churches – Bethel United Methodist (rural Mineral Point), Linden United Methodist (Linden), and First United Methodist (Mineral Point). We welcome you to worship with us!

Sermon by Bishop Jung – God is with us
A full worship service (around 35 minutes long) with Scripture reading, Sermon (Bishop Jung preaching) and Benediction. 

WORSHIP-VIDEO  <== Click on this link for full worship service (around 35 minutes long).

May you receive Sabbath blessings through this offering from Bishop Jung and our Wisconsin UMC Cabinet.

Order of Worship:

  • Welcome to Worship: Sue D’Alessio, Director of Connectional Ministry
  • Call to Worship: Forrest Wells, South East District Superintendent
  • Opening Prayer: Tsuker Yang, North Central District Superintendent
  • Time for Children: Barb Certa-Werner, North West District Superintendent
  • Prayer: Kate Croskery Jones, North East District Superintendent
  • Gospel Reading: Scott Carlson, South West District Superintendent
  • Sermon: Bishop Hee Soo Jung
  • Litany of Life: Dan Dick, Executive Assistant to the Bishop (with Barbara Dick, Lay Member)
  • Offering: ( local church and Golder Cross Sunday)              
  • Benediction: Jorge Mayorga, Director of Congregational Development
  • Music: Sugar River Praise Band
  • Litany of Life: written by Rev. Jerome Sahabandhu; Lent. March 18, 2020.
  • Worship Video Compiler: Gary Holmes, pastor of Sugar River UMC

Click on this link to read Bishop Jung’s sermon message:  SERMON-TEXT

Upper Room
During this time of anxiety and isolation The Upper Room wants to make it as easy as possible for people to find resources to support spiritual health. They are offering the May/June 2020 issue of The Upper Room magazine, both in English and Spanish, as a free, downloadable PDF.
There are 84 pages of inspirational reading.
Click on this link to view: Upper-Room
For the Spanish version and to access the associated prayer resources, click on the Wisconsin UMC link:
Then, select “Resources”.
Online United Methodist Church Services
Did you know? …. There are many options for Online Worship Services. While you are exploring the Wisconsin UMC website, select “Worship Services” to see the list and select those of interest.
Annual Conference 2020 rescheduled for October 23-24
Maundy Thursday Communion at Home

Pastor Marilyn’s Communion Table.

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Palm Sunday Service 04-05-2020

Please join Pastor Marilyn Brewer and Pastor Shelly Utter at Darlington/Fayette UMC for this special Palm Sunday Service. Click on the YouTube link below.

For more from Darlington/Fayette UMC, check out the website at

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