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SERMON MESSAGE – Pastor Marilyn – SUNDAY 03-21-2020

Dear Ones,  In just a week our lives have been turned upside down. Our numbers were low last week but we were in our churches, singing hymns, praying, listening to the scriptures and message. Now we are going to be at home on Sunday.  We are certainly living in uncertain times with this global pandemic . It has the power to effect all of us individually.  Our health is fragile and can be taken from us suddenly.  I’m trying to recall if I can remember a time in my life when our country has gone through a time such as this. WWII or Bay of Pigs come to mind. 


For me, this is pushing me to the limits.  I know how to prepare for Sunday morning worship: putting together the bulletin, studying the scriptures, meditating on the word, delivering a message in which I try to reflect God’s hope. But this is all new territory to me.  I am now struggling to learn a new set of skills to set up all that is going to be needed to prepare for ministry in an internet-only world. I am grateful to those who are helping me figure out what is needed in this new world. Marcia has been of great assistance expanding our email listing. Ross Pollack is exploring communication options including Facebook. Our website, will also continue to provide information. 

We are left with the uncertainty of how are we going to be God’s people together? While this is all new to us, this is not uncharted territory to our God. God has been leading His people through their wildernesses from generation after generation. 

It is our task to find a sense of Unity in the midst of this new isolation. What I know is that crisis brings out the Best in us. I know that the Holy Spirit works through us to transform our lives and the lives of others.  I don’t know what the future holds but I do know that the future is in God’s hands and we can take comfort in that.

Next week I expect I will be a little closer to knowing how to provide a sacred space for the people of Parish of the Hills.  Until then please pray for your parish and your pastor. We are called to be the People of God in Christ.  I pray we may begin to see what that looks like.
May God Surround You With His Love,
Pastor Marilyn
Sermon by Bishop Jung – God is with us
A full worship service (around 35 minutes long) with Scripture reading, Sermon (Bishop Jung preaching) and Benediction. 

WORSHIP-VIDEO  <== Click on this link for full worship service (around 35 minutes long).


Maundy Thursday Communion at Home

Pastor Marilyn’s Communion Table.

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Palm Sunday Service 04-05-2020

Please join Pastor Marilyn Brewer and Pastor Shelly Utter at Darlington/Fayette UMC for this special Palm Sunday Service. Click on the YouTube link below.

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