First UMC

Mineral Point

“Where the oldest Protestant Congregation in Wisconsin:  Gathers to worship – then scatters to serve.”

First United Methodist Church
400 Doty Street
Mineral Point, WI 53565

Sunday Worship Times:  9:45 a.m.
Handicapped accessible

ABOUT FIRST UMC:  The First United Methodist Church of Mineral Point enjoys the distinction of being the oldest Protestant congregation in Wisconsin and, by local lore, of having erected the first Protestant church in the state. Initially, a group of worshipers organized as a Methodist Episcopal  congregation in 1834 built a log church on at the junction of Shakerag and Commerce Streets. Size was about 24′ x 30′. Seats were made of split logs smoothed on the flat side with wooden pegs driven into holes for legs. By 1837 Methodist worshipers grew and the congregation needed larger accommodations. In the fall of that year a small rock church was erected on the corner of Doty opposite the present structure. Land was purchased for the existing First UMC in 1867 and the project proceeded slowly until dedication in 1871. The church was built of durable white sandstone from a local quarry and cut into blocks. These were taken by horse and wagon to the job site. In 1904 a pipe organ, made by Lyon and Healy, was purchased from a Chicago theater. Although rebuilding has been necessary over the years, it remains an important part of First UMC’s worship music.

Excerpts above were taken from “History of First United Methodist Church, Mineral Point, WI”. Click on the link below to read the full document compiled by Elisabeth Springer, edited by Ross Pollock, and with technical contributions from Mary L Knudson.


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